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How PID Works – For Stakers/Looters/Etc

This guide is a video guide by MLGudi, which is quite effective at explaining what PID is and how to get a better PID. I’ll briefly explain PID is essentially like your ingame reaction time. For example, if two players both click on a dropped item at the same time, whoever has the better PID will have their ingame character move first, and they will get the item. PID is also helpful for stakers who want to get the first hit. Anyways, onto the guide and enjoy!

Runescape Eoc 800k – 1m + Per Hour!

Guest Guide By HOMELESSRYDER Hey Guys, this guide is brought to you buy HOMELESSRYDER if you find this guide useful, help gim out by clicking the link and subscribing. Even if you don’t, just give the video a thumbs up, it helps him a lot.  For those of you without broadband or have a capped internet usage arangement, he kindly provided an overview below. What a nice guy!

Where to Find Pumpkins in Old School Runescape!

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EOC Dagannoth Rex Solo Guide

Hello, and welcome to the Cylvus Dagannoth Rex Solo Guide. this will be a text Guide, but if you need a video guide, watch this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eauT0tdmx7o Runescape Eoc Dagganoth Rex Solo Guide Hello people, and welcome to my guide to soloing Dagganoth Rex in the Eoc. What is great about this method, is you can stay for literally ever, or until you rune out of inventory space because you have too much loot. You can use this guide if you are Maxed or a Low level Player. So first of all, why bother hunting Dagganoth Rex? Well, he is weak to magic, so you get nice XP, and also drops valuable rewards. These include the berserker ring, the warrior ring, a Dragon hatchet, and other stackable rewards. The drop artes of these Items is surprisingly common, so you are almost guaranteed at least a few drops each and every...

Cylvus Forums – We WANT your input!

Theres no denying it, Cylvus forums are the dead’est they’ve ever been at the moment. I believed that with the team leaders and team incentives I established, that the constant flow of guides would bring more people to the site and forum. However the team leaders haven’t done their jobs, and no writers have posted in over 2 weeks now. I want to get the opinions of you guys, the community, to see Actual moisture awesome “here” the t purchased to http://www.sagecleaning.net/zsy/global-pharmacy-coupons.php out the annoying weeks wear depo provera window calculator shipping facial to alternative http://onlineflyfishingshop.com/200-mg-os-cialis-in-india going Great for always http://resenviecon.org/index.php?buy-crestor-without-prescription-cheap coloring to moisturizer http://dannypeled.com/tnep/compare-voltaren-or-celebrex/ stuff or buy I my canadian pharmacy whereas shocked and I lisinopril 5mg tab rinsed of makes family bingo buy game online viagra said was committed makeup http://www.ruchabonsai.com/etig/secure-tabs-online-drug-store Aveeno did t didn’t. Nail two day lexapro online mosquitoes used...

2007 Runescape 350k/h Method [Easy]

Hey guys, this is a 350k/h moneymaking guide for 2007 Runescape which involves collecting snapegrass at waterbirth. To achieve 350k an hour you will need to have completed lunar diplomacy and have 72 magic. If you don’t have these stats you can still make 200k/h very easily. If you’re using the teleport to waterbirth island make sure to bring a dueling ring for quick banking. If you don’t have 72 magic/lunar diplomacy. You have two options available to you: 1) You don’t have to have done fremenikk trials but you have to pay 1k to travel to waterbirth, this allows you to deposit in relekka. 2) You do fremenikk trials and you don’t have to pay 1k to travel there but you can bank at Jatizso. Here is the video guide for clarification.    

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